Low Priced Laptops

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Earlier, laptops were only used for business purposes. But, recently with tough competitions among companies, a new generation of laptops has been introduced. These laptops can be used for playing games, watching movies, making videos all this along with the regular kind of business tasks. The laptops, which were a necessity, have now become a luxury. With the introduction of 20″ laptops, watching movies at home has become a pleasurable experience.

These 20″ laptops are ideal for the people who undertake sedentary work. So basically these can be the best laptops for students, housewives or people who travel a lot, who have to work by sitting at one place for long hours. Since laptops have become famous they are being used for playing games and watching movies but the small 13” or 15” screen hampers the real pleasure of these games. But these 20″ laptops are perfect for this purpose.

These laptops come with all the features that you expect in the best laptops available, but their bigger screens sets them apart. Recently having computer game competitions is a rage among youngsters. So these laptops which have bigger screens make the games more interesting and closer to reality.

The experience of watching a movie on these laptops is can be compared to the experience of watching a movie on an LCD. Most of these laptops come with in built speakers, but for the people who want to have a theatre like experience can attach extendable speakers via Bluetooth or an USB port.

But the downside of these laptops is their weight. The large screen adds to the weight of the laptop which makes it heavy. As these laptops are basically a replacement of the desktop, they are meant to be heavy. Thus if we forget this single drawback, these are the best laptops for the people who buy laptops for net surfing, downloading stuff and mainly to play games and watch movies. The bright side is that these laptops are cheaper than the light weight variety. This acts as an advantage, and thus, increases the popularity of the 20” laptops.