Online Shopping for Children’s Clothes

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As any parent knows, taking children clothes shopping isn’t always a pleasant experience. By and large, children find clothes shopping tedious and boring, and start to misbehave when they get bored. This increases parental stress levels and because of this many parents choose to bypass the high street completely and shop for their children entirely online.

Greater Choice

One of the benefits of shopping online is that parents have access to a much larger selection of brands and stores than they would find in their high street stores. All of the major children’s retailers such as Baby Gap, Zara and Mothercare have online stores, as do some of the more designer brands such as Finger in the Nose Clothing, Catimini and Kenzo. One of the things that most parents hate is seeing their child dressed the same as everyone else, and choosing an innovative brand such as Finger in the Nose Clothing ensures that a child will stand out from the crowd. Also, high street stores tend to stick very much to the mantra that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Brands such as Finger in the Nose clothing or Scotch & Soda do not follow this theory, and clothes are available in a much wider choice of colours and styles.


Shopping online from the comfort of your own home is the ideal solution for any busy parent. Nothing quite beats the ease of sitting on your sofa with a cuppa and a biscuit, browsing the web for interesting designs and bargain purchases. The only downside of online shopping is that the colours on the screen may not be exactly accurate and sizing can be difficult too. Most good online retailers have charts which allow you to choose the best size for your child, and if you get it wrong they will allow you to return an item and swap it for a different size.


Internet shopping is getting more secure all of the time and a few simple precautions can help guard against credit card fraud. Never shop on a site which does not start with https and does not have a padlock symbol on the checkout page. These two things denote that the site is secure. If a site appears to be selling goods at ridiculously cheap prices, it may not be genuine. Stick to professional sites from well-known brands, and if in doubt putting the name of the company into a search engine should throw up any comments of difficulties others have had with the same site.


One of the main gripes about internet shopping is the delivery charges, which are often a flat fee. Keep an eye out for special promotional codes which offer free delivery, or order with a group of friends to split the charges between several people. Don’t leave things until the last minute, as next day or courier services will always be more pricey than having things delivered by the standard mail service. Most good websites will have an arrangement with a courier to enable you to return items free, or for a nominal charge.