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A stronger toned body through Pilates Exercise

Pilates exercise was founded by Joseph Pilates, he believed that it was possible to strengthen and tone the body using your own body resistance.

The health benefits of Pilates exercise have been widely reported although sometimes misunderstood.

One of the main aims of Pilates exercise is to strengthen the core of the body, which in turn stabilises the entire body. When we have a strong body core our posture improves placing less stress on our muscles, tendons and ligaments.Β One of the added benefits is the mind body connection.

When you practice Pilates exercise you learn how to focus on the different areas of yourΒ  body and strengthen them to reach their optimum potential giving the practitioner a new sense of confidence and well being.

When http://www.sportzfuel.com/ watch a baby learn how to sit up or walk, you will see that they naturally lift and raise their bodies in a way that is normal to the body and makes best use of the systems we have to do this with. Over time we can lose muscle strength and tone that means we compensate and start to develop habits with our movements and posture that can cause us harm.

Pilates exercise teaches us how to use our bodies to reach optimum performance by improving our posture and flexibility.

The practice of Pilates exercise is of benefit to all ages and for people of all abilities. Working with your own body weight there is less chance of injury. Practicing Pilates exercise works on groups of muscles at any one time as opposed to weight training which is often focused on one muscle. Pilates exercise works on lengthening the muscles which gives you a sculpted look and can help avoid tearing or snapping because its focus is to lengthen and make more flexible.

Pilates exercise is a low impact exercise, much like yoga, which makes it suitable for the elderly or those who have joint issues.

The improved flexibility and stability through Pilates exercise is of great benefit to the agedΒ  assistingΒ  them with their balance and in turn helping them avoid having a fall.

Pilates exercise is an affordable practice that you can do in the privacy of your home or with a Pilates exercise coach. Once you have mastered the basics you can practice Pilates exercises anywhere anytime with a minimum space required.

So if you are looking for more strength, flexibility, stability and great posture the exercise for you is Pilates exercise.