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With so many brands claiming to be the best, how can you be so sure that you are getting the right infrared heater for the 2012-13 winter season?  It can be quite exhausting being sold every step of the way when really all you want to do is learn.  Here at Infrared Heater Select, we created this infrared heater review to let you be the judge We want you to be in control and to learn on your own accord.

We do not sell one brand, but over 5 different brands and so you can compare brands & products and find that ideal infrared heater that is just right for you…  By being an unbiased retailer, we are allowed to offer only the best products and unbiased information because we are not obligated to sell any product.  Each product and each brand has been researched by our expert staff in order to bring you a wide selection of different infrared heaters from the 5 top brands in the industry.  Then, we let you decide which is the best for you!

Top Brands

From being an unbiased retailer, we have found that not one brand but many brands made our cut for Best In Class For 2012-2013!

Below you will find the only brands that we carry because those are the brands that we trust!  Each product we sell from each brand is at the lowest possible price, comes with amazing warranties & free shipping, & also comes with a no hassle return!

BioSmart– Our # 1 most sold brand, Bio Smart is constantly redefining the infrared heating industry!  BioSmart prides themselves in being the most eco-friendly infrared heating company in the industry, building superior products that will not have any impact on our environment. 

Like most Infrared Heaters, BioSmart offers extended multi-year warranty on parts and service for all infrared heaters, portable and in-wall units.  If you are looking to save money on your energy bill this winter and want to stay green, then BioSmart is perfect for you!

Click here to learn more about BioSmart and to browse our full line of BioSmart Infrared Heaters!

Life Smart – LifeSmart has one of the widest selections, offering a wide range of infrared heaters making sure you find exactly what you are looking for. They also carry some of the best looking and highest performing infrared fireplaces you can find.  Easy to use digital interface and remote control access, sets LifeSmart apart from the rest.

LifeSmart offers complete parts replacements and a warranty that cannot be beat.   If you are looking for a great quality infrared heater without breaking the bank this winter, then LifeSmart is your #1 choice! 

Click here to learn more about LifeSmart and to browse our full line of Life Smart Infrared Heaters!

Advanced Tech Infrared –  Another leader in the market, all ATI heaters have at least a 3 year warranty and 30 Day money back guarantee.  The feedback on the ATI heaters have been amazing and past customers have loved the air purifier which they use throughout the year.   ATI also comes with BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES such as Overheat Protection and a Tip-Over Safety Switch which make this heater safe in any application.

You can click here learn more about ATI and to browse our selection of Advanced Tech Infared Heaters.

HeatSmart – Not only does HeatSmart represent style but they also focus heavily on efficiency and safety.  HeatSmart has two forms of auto shutoff protection designed to safety shut off the system if the other one fails, so you’ll never have to worry about overheating.  All HeatSmart products are thoroughly tested before shipment and are ETL / UL / CSA certified to be physically and environmentally safe.

Heatsmart heaters have the largest intake and output grills on the market today, allowing for air to be circulated quickly throughout the system.  Heatsmart carries a Gold standard designed to last a minimum of 20,000 hours.

Just because HeatSmart is 4th on the list, these heaters work & they have provided countless satisfied Infrared Heater Select customers.  Click here to learn more about HeatSmart & to browse our full line of HeatSmart Infrared Heaters!

Below You Will Find Our Best Selling Infrared Heaters

Indoor/Room/Portable Heaters

Below are the top 3 infrared heaters based on versatility.  Each heater can be used in any room.

Best Selling & Highest Satisfaction

Here are our top selling models.  Customers have raved about these models and often we have trouble keeping them in stock!  Whether it’s the style of the heater, the power, or the overall effectiveness, these 3 heaters are worth every single penny.

Most Inexpensive

We know you might not have the top dollar to pay for the best heaters on the market but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an effective infrared heater.  Below we have compiled the best infrared heaters based on price.  Don’t worry, just because they are inexpensive does not mean they are cheap.  We wouldn’t be in business if they were!

Garage/Commercial Infrared Heaters

Below are our best commercial infrared heaters.  Use one for the garage, workshop or any other commercial use and start enjoying infrared technology today!

Infrared Wall Heaters

For those of you looking to install a more permanent infrared heater, then our top of the line infrared wall heaters are exactly what you are looking for.  Below you will find the top 2 infrared wall heaters that we carry!

Each of the above heaters come with an amazing warranty, customer service from start to however long you have your heater, free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee!

We know that looking for an unbiased infrared heater review is like finding a diamond within a pile of rubble.  Here at Infrared Heater Select, we will not try and push any product on you and being an unbiased retailer, we can provide all the information you will need to make a VERY informative decision when choosing an infrared heater.  

We sell over 20 different infrared heaters from over 5 different brands, choosing the best brands based on price, warranty, effectiveness and overall satisfaction.  We encourage you to learn about infrared heaters and we also encourage you to browse our site without being sold at every step of the way.  After all, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do best!

What Is Infrared?

Infrared heat produced by infrared heaters are the exact same type of infrared rays that our sun produces.  When we stand directly in front of the sun we feel the infrared heat on our skin.  When we go under the shade we don’t feel the sun’s rays and therefore we don’t feel the heat.  This is the exact same way that infrared heaters work.   When infrared heat touches a surface, the energy is passed to that surface in the form of heat energy.  Infrared rays are seen as very beneficial as we as humans need infrared rays and we also see benefits in infrared rays as they can kill microorganisms and other bacteria as well.  Let’s start reading the best infrared heater review!

How they work?

As the heater takes electrical energy from your outlet, it will transfer that energy (99% efficient at transferring all electrical energy into heat energy) into heat.  As the rays are projected towards the human body and other objects within the room, objects absorb the heat and the entire room heats up!  It is really that easy. 

Do not get this confused with a normal space heater or a typical furnace heater which heats the air then uses a fan to pass the air around.  With infrared heaters, there is no heating of the air.  Remember that infrared heaters work best at space heating and not heating the entire house.  Past customers have stated they actually use more than one heater to heat their entire house.   You can use one for your entire house but just know they work best at using for specific rooms.

Why Infrared?

When  my brother and I (founders of Infrared Heater Select) started looking for our first infrared heater years back, we read all the infrared heater reviews and we had to buy one to really see for ourselves if all the hype would hold up.  The rest is history as we felt so compelled to offer infrared heaters to others because we really believe in the technology!  With all the benefits of infrared heating and how much money you can save if used correctly, there should be no reason why every household shouldn’t have one!

Completely Safe

With modern day infrared heating technology, there is never a worry about safety.  There are so many safety mechanisms installed in each heater we sell which will prevent any fire or hazard to animals or your family.  You can touch the top of the heater and you will never burn yourself.  Infrared technology has come a long way and the safety mechanism created are what sets infrared heaters apart from normal space heaters. 

In life you pay for what you get and although infrared heaters aren’t too expensive, you get those advanced safety mechanisms which are worth every single penny.

Slash Your Heating Bill!

Since infrared heating doesn’t heat the air, the infrared technology is said to be 99% efficient at transferring electrical energy into heat energy.  Remember infrared heaters are space heaters and are efficient at heating specific rooms which will save you energy because you aren’t having to heat the entire house!  If you use specific rooms more than others than an infrared heater will work perfectly and save you money  each month, guaranteed!

Doesn’t Dry The Air

Again, infrared heaters don’t heat the air rather heat by transferring heat rays to specific objects.  The benefit of not heating the air is there is no loss of moisture which will leave your home feeling more enjoyable.  Have you ever had that dry annoying feeling after heating your home with your furnace heater for a prolonged period of time?  Well, you can forget about that horrible feeling.  Even after you shut off your furnace you can’t get rid of the dry icky feeling.

99% Efficient

The energy in means the energy out which means no wasted energy which means no wasted money. 

Works Instantly

Normal space heaters and furnace heaters take time to start heating up.  Not infrared heaters!  Once you plug in your new infrared heater you will notice almost instant heat as the electric energy converts right into heat energy… No joke, it really works this fast and easy. 

No Crazy Installation!

The best part about infrared heaters is they are so easy to use.  No complicated instructions and no crazy tools needed.  Simply plug in the chord and place the heater in the desired location and that’s it! 

Place Your Heater Anywhere!

Since infrared heaters are small and space efficient, they are easily transferred just about anywhere you can imagine.  Use your heater in a bedroom, living room, reading room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, storage unit , or wherever else you can think of.  Get as much use as you can in your new infrared heater!

Cleaner Air!

It is known that infrared rays are in fact very beneficial for humans and also known to help in killing bacterias and other forms of harmful organisms in the air.  Also, many infrared heaters that we sell also come with an air filter which will in fact heat your home, save you money and filter the air!  Doesn’t get much better than this!


Well, that about does it for now and we hope you found some use out of our infrared heater review.  As you can see infrared technology is going to be the future of heating as we start to see all the amazing benefits they provide. 

From the founders of Infrared Heater Select, we wish you a healthy happy life and we hope you find what you are looking for.  If you have any questions regarding a specific product or just want to talk about anything, please give us a call at 1(866)455-9989. 

Thank you and see you soon!


Dan & Colin Barker


Infrared Heater Select

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