Understanding What Personal Success Means to You

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Psychologists have explored the concept of success as it relates to the personal development of an individual. Studies have been carried to to explore what exactly constitutes a narrative of success. Having said that, the term success refers to achievement of an action within a specified parameter or within a specified time. In particular, personal success seeks to develop a comprehensive understanding of what success means to an individual. Winston Churchill says, β€œsuccess consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

How to Achieve Personal Success

There are various ways in which one can achieve success. First, Brian Tracy, the author of the book Psychology of Achievement, states that for one to achieve personal success, one must decide exactly what you want to do and where you want to go. In this regard, having so many goals in life does not necessarily lead to personal success. Rather, it is advisable that one sets fewer goals which are more manageable. In addition, setting your priorities right from the beginning shows that one has the ability to make rational and intelligent choices. Second, according to Forbes, individuals who want to achieve personal success must learn how to use resources wisely. In other words, the should derive optimal value using limited resources. For example, starting a business requires an upcoming entrepreneur to come up with sustainable business solutions. Consequently, such a business is in a position to use limited resources in financing its operations and gain a competitive edge in the contemporary highly competitive business environment.

Third, Stephen R. Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says that interdependence is paramount if one is to achieve success. This is because it creates a win-win situation with mutually beneficial agreements and solutions. In addition, it helps someone to develop empathy by listening to others Furthermore, it gives an opportunity where one can learn new things from other people.

Other ways of helping someone achieve personal success include staying focused, having a mentor or a coach, making mistakes, and developing realistic goals.

What Success Means to You

The interpretation of what exactly defines success is a subject of controversy. Geoffrey James writes that it is unfortunate that financial parameters of measuring success have dominated how people view and interpret success. It is time that the society adopted a broader definition of success. Any level of accomplishment in any level of life can lead to optimal gratification. For example, what does it help someone to live a stressful life in order to become a millionaire? The good thing is that a few people have realized that definition of success in terms financial clout is not only narrow but also insensitive to individual preferences. Material wealth is not the most appropriate indicator of a successful person. In other words, the term success is a relative term that may carry different meaning depending on the individual in question.


Personal success comes from making effort to achieve specific goals. Incorporating the help of others is indispensable. Overall, personal success is achieved through proper identification of goals and working towards them.