Votive Candle Pathways

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Picture the votive candle pathways ingeniously stored in delicate paper-like material, simple yet it gives an air of class. The unexplainable mystique that candle light has, brings about an air of peace and comfort that we sometimes associate with a warm feeling or “glow” that most of the time brings a satisfied smile to our faces. Luminaries are a classic way of living out that enchanted feeling in an event and if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your evening event by adding a classy feel without having to spend a fortune, votive candles are just the things that you would need.

Votive candles are short, stocky candles that are mostly used to fill flimsy, white paper bags which now, with the lighted candle inside become luminaries. You don’t have to worry about catching the paper bag on fire or putting the candles in a holder because the paper bag, along with a couple handfuls of sand to weigh it down would already act as a candle holder; the stockiness of the candle assures you that your night won’t catch fire. Votive candles also come in different arrays of scents if you want to exude a particular feel for your event.

Different scents would help set the ambiance of your event as well as the length of time you would want to keep your path of luminaries burning. Some votive candles can last up to 8-10 hours and that would be enough for the entire evening’s event.

Some votive candles exhaust black smoke when they burn out and this could oftentimes meddle with the scent and cause an odor; always keep in mind that the quality of the candles could affect the results that you want. Votive candles provide you a way of satisfying your taste for sophistication to make that event an illuminated adventure that would make your memories and the memories of others worth a fortune.