Where to Get Your Windows Tinted

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It is very important to choose the right shop to install your window tint. Prices vary dramatically by shopping around you can save quite a bit of money. However, it is not the only reason to choose a quality shop to install your auto tint.

The quality of film used on your windows is very important when doing the job. A poor quality tint job will leave many bubbles or a purplish color behind when done.

The best solution is to use a quality window tint such as 3M or Llumar. Each of these companies produces a quality product at an affordable price.

You can normally get it good job done for around $200 for the entire car. If you want a couple windows done it often have it done for around $100. Some people prefer the whole car or truck being tinted while others only like a few windows. Be sure to check with your local regulations to ensure you are within the requirements for how dark you can have your windows.

Once you think you have it chopped it out for your window tint, be sure to check with your local Better Business Bureau and talk to friends and neighbors who have their cars done there. Sometimes a company may seem good, but then once they get your money they will do a poor job. It is very important to do research before you spend your hard earned cash.

If the company checks out his scheduled appointment a few weeks in advance and take at least four hours out of your day to allow them to do the job. Most places will let you drop your car off and then pick it up after work.